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The Art of the Demon Chapter 6

Matthew got home earlier. When Kate separated from their group, Marissa and Jake invited him to go with them to watch a movie. Matthew refused, not only because he's not feeling perfectly well, but also because Kate isn't going too. Matthew is starting to feel attached to Kate.

Matthew changed his clothes and slept. Just 5:30pm, Too early, yes, but he didn't mind because he's starting to feel bad again. Maybe he will be sick again. Not five minutes have passed, Matthew has fallen to sleep.

In his dreams, he is in a place that seems like a hall. A big rectangular hall. It looks like a function hall of a school. He thought it must be a part of St. Patrice University. He stood there, barely walking. His eyes are wandering through the hall...when all of a sudden, all lights have turned red. Similar to the lights he only see in the dark rooms where photographs are being developed.

Suddenly, a group of people in red hooded robes came in. There's an inverted cross printed in white in the front part of their robes.

"What the.." Matthew muttered. He was shocked to see these people.

All of the red-robed people formed something like a wide triangle. All of them are holding inverted crosses too. It appears to Matthew that they are Anti-Christs. Not a moment later, the center of the triangle made a big blazing fire.

"When we complete our goal, the demon of art shall rise again. When we complete our goal, the demon of art shall rise again." the cult people chanted.

"Yes, they are anti-Christs!" Matthew thought. Cowardice is now running through his body.

"When we complete our goal, the demon of art shall rise again. When we complete our goal, the demon of art shall rise again." they continued.

Matthew watches them completely frozen to where he stands and completely scared. The fire in the middle of the triangle is now forming a face as the blaze of the fire moves drastically. The face is like a face of the demon. It has pointed horns, long beard, a bright red eyes, and a crafty, devilish smile.

It made Matthew all crept out and he screamed in terror. The cult people turned to look at him but Matthew can hardly see their faces because of their hoods. Then the demon's face in the fire said "DOOMED" in a very hoarse voice.

"You will be doomed. You will be doomed. You will be doomed. You will be doomed." The people in red hooded robes chanted and they continue to chant as they march toward Matthew, still holding the inverted crosses in their hands strongly.

Matthew similar to his most recent nightmare, can't move again. All he can do is cream, his whole body shaking in terror. But before the anti-Christs could touch him, he woke up. He's breathing heavily and sweating very hard as if he slept in a sauna.

"My goodness, what does that nightmare means? F*ck. That's scarier than a horror movie." Matthew muttered. He looked at his watch, it's 8pm. So he dressed and went down to find something to eat. Again, he didn't mind the nightmare. He didn't think that it must reflect his daily living at all. Matthew is a Catholic.


"Okay, thanks." Kate said to the security guard as she leaves the school. It's already 8pm but she just finished all of her businesses inside. First, she went to LIVED, and then do several stuff to join Click photography club when LIVED rejected her, and then borrowed books from the library for photography. She wondered why the library is so packed with people even at night. It took her an hour to get the photography books she wants. If the guard didn't tell her that one institution of the school has an affair tonight, she wouldn't know why a lot of people are still in the university. But why in the library anyways? She asked the guard. The guard said that sometimes, students wait at the library when the affair is yet to start.

Meanwhile, the security guard who Kate thanked is already bored. He's doing nothing anymore because there are barely people who enter or exit the university during the time. So he looked around if there are some people who might enter or exit. When he found out that there's none, he stood up and went to a big tree nearby to pee. It's dark. Because of the thick foliage and huge branches, the lights nearby barely reach the grounds where the tree stands.

The security guard whistles as he pees something like a Guns N' Roses song. In a split second, the security guard fell to the ground with a strong scream and in shock. The body of Mang Reynold fell hanging, his mouth and eyes are wide open. His eyes, even though it's dark, the security guard can still see that it's very red and full of terror. Mang Reynold's skin is also very white, as pale as a snow.

Moments later, the big tree where Mang Reynold's body is hanged was crowded. Policemen came, police line were put. Students stood nearby all curious and scared to see the body of Mang Reynold that way. Very creepy as others say. Media reporters also came. The affair was moved next week.

This is the first death inside the university recorded in more than 20 years. Investigators can only wish to prove that Mang Reynold's death was connected to Alyna's because there bodies were both drained in blood and has similar wounds, but they can't prove it. They don't have any lead yet to the suspects of Alyna's death.

Who are behind these heartless and cruel killings? The investigators thought that the killings don't end here. And the investigators are probably correct.. How these people choose their targets? Who are their next targets? No one knows.


Watch out for the next chapters of The Art of the Demon by Pandemic. New chapters posted during Mondays and Fridays at 7:00PM (Philippine Time) and 4:00AM (Washington, U.S Time)

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