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Short Horror Stories Part 2

The Throwing Ghost - Submitted by Paige

Well, this is a complete true story…It happened to me. Well I’m a 13 year old young girl. Well my 3 friends were spending the night at my house because we were going to Coney Island the next day. So we are not the like most teenage girls these days. We were playing with a Ouija board that night. Then we began to fall asleep, but then a pen was throw at my friend Alyssa. She throw it at my friend because she's always doing stuff like that. So she throw it back at Alyssa. Then Alyssa throw it onto the Ouija board. Not meaning to. Then about 3 or 4 minutes later the pen as thrown at my friend's head and it bounced and hit my eye. Then we noticed that none moved because we were huddled together when the pen hit me and my other friend. Then we began to get very scared.

Next, we broke the pen and throw it out the window. Then we leaning up against my bedroom door. My dresser was next to us and when we thought it was over, a glow stick was thrown. We got really scared. So we tested it to see if it was a fake. We sat it in the middle of the floor and watched it. Then my friend said something very funny and we looked away. When we looked back….It was gone. We moved covers and everything to see where it was. But it was gone..Then a little fake penguin was thrown right at my head. Then I cried a little. We stayed up all night and then the next morning everything was fine….Creepy!

Black Figure - Submitted by Gamer4ever

I’m not sure if I was just seeing things, but i think i saw a “ghost” when i was about 5. It was a black figure about 6′3 with a hat on. He was standing in a doorway(but there was no door…don’t ask how it’s a door way), right by our front door. I was laying with my mother and i woke her up. Wanting to not frighten her, I just said “I love you” and that was it.

She dozed right back to sleep. Then i noticed something else. He was staring at me. Tho i could not see it’s eyes, i just KNEW he was staring at me. I had that creepy feeling you get when you feel like someone is watching you. I kept perfectly still for about 25 min( i watched the clock) and so did the shadow. Then i closed my eyes and pretended like i was actually asleep. I knew i wasn’t asleep. I pinched myself(and it hurt bad:( ) i was as scared as a person could get. I dont know whether my eyes were just seeing things, or whether i saw a ghost(which i never saw again in my life there with was about 13 years later)Just sharing my story with others.

Bathroom Horror - Submitted by Jenny

Well I attend Saint Luthfords High. We had just finished our math test and she had asked the teachers if she could go to the toilets. My teacher wrote her a note to go to the toilets. I saw her walk out of the door. A few minutes later a teacher went running down stairs because another student had found her unconscious on the ground. They had taken her to the hospital. She started attending skew a few weeks later.

She was really quiet i tried to help her talk or eat at times. On a Friday at lunch she told me why she had passed out that day. When she went to the toilet she saw a girl in her uniform just cutting her hair in front of the mirror and singing. As she went to go do her business she could hear the scissors snipping, and she saw a bright light just flash under her feet. She opened the toilet door and saw a girl just standing there holding up a scissors. She got a fright and passed out. The next day one of the teachers announced in the assembly that someone is leaving hair in the toilet bowls in the girls' toilets. She wanted to know who did it immediately.

The Child in the Hole - Submitted by Petro95

When we were little our grandparents had a restaurant bar, and there was a haunted house. They said that a little girl died in the house so we used to think that it was a witch's house. When my uncle went in the house, he found broken drawers and pictures of a little child. One time when we were in the pool, my cousin was walking and she felt like someone was following her, so then when she checked who it was she saw a little girl, it was the same one from the pictures my uncle saw.

My cousin was actually that ghost girl’s friend. So one day when my grandparents were gonna sell that place my cousin past near a hole and saw the little girl in there, and the girl was calling my cousin to go in the hole. When we got in the truck, I noticed she was missing so i told everyone and all of us got out of the truck and went looking for her. When we went in the restaurant bar we saw her near the hole and she was about to jump in the the hole and we all went running to her and we got her just in time. We asked why she was gonna do that and she said that her ghost friend told her to jump in with her. At first we were thinking that it was a joke but then the second time she told us we got shocked. And that place is now still on sale and it has been for sale already like 6 years.

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