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Philippine Universities and Colleges Ghost Stories

A girl was by the sink washing her face when shelooked in the mirror, and saw the drops of water on her face not as what they really are but as drop of blood. And at her back, there was a headless man in soldier's uniform.Every year, students would encounter various but similarly scary experiences in that toilet. According to my research, the St. Vincent de Paul building, where the toilet is, is the oldest building of Adamson University and was used as an execution station by the Japanese army during World War II. Rumor has it hat countless number of heads had been chopped off in the toilet itself. - OSC Arnel B. Tablizo Jr.

Sacred Heart Novitiate: The story of the "stairs" is one that forces retreat-goers to go around in the "safety" of groups. Legend has it that late one night, a group of students went downstairs to go "exploring" after the others had gone to sleep. The frightening thing was that no matter how long they kept going down the flights of stairs from the 3rd floor dorm hall they occupied, they could not seem to find the ground floor landing. Even more sinister was that they kept passing the same eerie painting of Christ at each floor landing, over and over again.- OSC Catherine Candano

It happened few years ago in College of Saint Benilde. In an early morning class, a girl in black dress entered room M-409 where a class was ongoing.The class didn't mind the girl hinking that she was only sitting in. Suddenly, in the middle of the teacher's lecture, the girl stood up, walked towards the front wall and, to the awe of everyone, vanished. Until now that ghost story still scares students who take classes in the said room. - OSC Neptali Esguerra

One day last February, even before the 7am classes started, a young Accounting sophomore decided to drop by the St. La Salle Chapel to say a quick prayer for her accounting exam. She reached the empty chapel, went to the very first pew, knelt down, and with eyes shut, began to pray. A few minutes later, she heard a shuffling sound and frantic footsteps. The student opened her eyes and saw a limping, pale-faced man reaching out towards her, his torn clothes covered in blood, a bayonet sticking in his chest and mouthing the words, "Help me..." -OSC Paolo Gamboa
*DLSU Main building was used as a bomb shelter during World War II

At 10 pm one night, one ROTC cadet was relieving himself in one of the comfort rooms at the third floor of the Paterno building when he unmistakably made out the figure of a woman dressed in white floating in the air. The vision made him scream in intense fright, catching the attention of his other companions. Upon their arrival, they witnessed the same lady hovering in the air. It was seven in the evening at another instance, when a janitor getting ready to go home noticed a mysterious lady enter one of the restrooms at the third floor. He followed the lady to warn her that the part of building was strictly prohibited. He entered the restroom and saw no one there. According to stories, the Paterno Building, which had existed even before the eruption of World War II, was used as a garrison by the Japanese during the war.

When graduation time is near, the Princess Lawan Bae all (PLBH) dorm residents can usually hear footsteps along the hallway, hough no one is there. The old janitress says they are seniors who committed suicide after finding out that they were pregnant. One restroom cubicle in the dorm has been closed since residents claim feelingunexplainable, eerie sensations when they use it. It is said that one of the students performed self-abortion and died inside that cubicle. It has been 8 years now but it remains closed. - OSC Ritchel Gabutin

A lovelorn spirit on our campus possessed a high school freshman girl a few months back. She would often see the "guy" standing near a Balete tree at the back of our campus' HS building. She would say that when Allen (the guy or spirit's name) enters her body he would tour her around the campus and tell her that she looks so much like his dead girlfriend. The girl now goes to a new school and words have it that Allen did not bother her anymore. -OSC Joyce Enriquez

"She was once there and she never left," according to one housekeeper of PUP Jasmin hostel, reluctant to tell the exact room number of the so-called "haunted room." Residents of the hostel reveal that every time they pass by the corridor during late afternoon and early in the morning, they could hear murmurs and cries coming from the haunted room. Stories say that a female nursing board examinee committed suicide inside the room. Many have had experiences seeing her walking in her nursing uniform at the middle of the night or appearing in bathroom mirrors-with blood on her face. She also loves to knock on the door and if one opens, he would find no one but sense an eerie feeling. Residents believe that once you open the door, she comes in the room, so they advise not to open the door.- OSC Jonizel Lagunzad

You will be shocked to know that there are no mirrors in some of the comfort rooms in the campus. It is for the reason that an anonymous lady appears in the mirror unexpectedly and really scares the students. It has been said that one student committed suicide in that comfort room.- OSC Christi Estepa

A group of high school girls had a play in the Little Theater. They took shots of them and when the film was developed, a nun was with them during curtain call. The nun had no face, floating, tip-toed, and her hands were clasped as though in prayer. He hands were pointed downwards and her head was cracked as though she had been hanged! - OSC Anthea Lamigo

In one of their overnight press work, the section editor decided to take a rest and went out of the editorial board cubicle. Suddenly, he heard the tick-tack of the keyboards, as if someone was typing. Knowing that he was all alone, he decided to look if somebody was using the computer. To his surprise, he saw the name Jackie repeatedly typed on the screen. The keyboard continued to tick-tack until the screen was filled with the name Jackie. While the news editor was encoding his article, someone said "hello" to him.When he looked around, a pretty girl approached him and again whispered "hello." All of a sudden, the girl disappeared.Dian, our present culture editor, who has a third eye, said that she was able to talk to Jackie. Jackie later on revealed that her real name is Patricia. Jackie revealed that she's always around since she finds the office peaceful. She also claimed that our office was then a park with a well and benches. According to Dian, Patricia (or Jackie) is a Spanish looking lady, with fair complexion, stands 5'5" and looks like a doll.- OSC Meryl Pecache

Baker Hall: There was a group of guys who passed by Baker Hall and noticed that there was a party going on. Everybody was dressed like they were in the'80s era. They had such a great time that they wanted to invite their other friends along. So, out they went and when they came back, Baker Hall was as quiet and as dark as the night. - OSC Ria Henares

Red Eyes Benitez Hall, which houses the College of Education, is considered the most haunted building in the campus (the oldest as well). It used to be one of the Japanese interrogation camps during World War II that's why many Filipino and American soldiers died there. One very rainy afternoon, a female instructor got stranded in front of the Education Building. As such, she begged the security guard to let her pass the night in the building.The guard agreed and locked her up in one of the classrooms. It was a restless night for the lady. She knew the ghost stories but refused to believe them. In the classroom was a door with a peeping hole. Curious at what was going on outside, she peeped and saw nothing but the color red. The next morning,she asked the security guard if the ghost stories are true. "Yes Ma'am, it is,"answered the man. "One of the ghosts sighted is in fact seen as dressed in white and with big RED EYES."- OSC Precious Cardenas
(This story looks familiar)

The weird and eerie experience happened two years ago when I was facilitating a retreat (Days with the Lord) in Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong. The session that night almost finished before midnight; my co-facilitators and I were heading off to our sleeping quarters when one of them told us that he was going to introduce someone and we asked, "Who?" He said meet "Puti," but I couldn't see anyone! He then asked me to raise my arms just in front of where I was and it suddenly felt freezing cold. I immediately ran to the sleeping quarters and left them. The following day, I learned that they were able to talk to "Puti," a young and playful kid who was shot in the middle of an encounter during the war. He continues to haunt the old Dona Cecilia corridors and manifests himself through a white silhouette as described by the security guards who would often see him play at night. - Cedric Ira A. Aquino

It happened a few years back. An old male college teacher was seen eating alone in a corner during a College Faculty luncheon. Some teachers who saw him attested that he looked a bit strange and unusually quiet. They invited him to join their group discussion but he just gave them a blank stare. After a while, he just disappeared and nobody noticed him go out of the room. The bizarre thing about it is that this certain teacher was already in the hospital slumped on his deathbed at that very same moment. A few hours later, he was dead. When his desk was cleaned by his fellow teacher a few days after his death, the teacher was so shocked to find a note personally addressed to her, thanking her for everything. - OSC Owen Jaen

Seen at: Kalayaan residence The story: It was the onset of sem break. While a resident was still packing her bag, her roommate was ready to go. Since the former wasn't done yet, the latter went ahead. Then the roommate's parents came in looking for her. The resident told them that she already left. When the resident was about to finish her packing, she opened the closet and saw her roommate inside--already decomposing.

Seen at: Vinzons Hall (second-floor comfort room) The story: A student was sitting in the toilet when he felt someone was patting or smoothing his head. When he looked up, a girl, hanging from the ceiling, was staring at him straight in the eye.

Seen at: One of the jeepneys plying the campus (sorry, I don't know he plate number, etc.) The story: A guy made sabit at the end of the jeepney because it was full of passengers. After a few minutes, the driver curiously asked him why he wasn't taking a seat. As the guy was about to say that all the seats were taken, he saw that the jeepney was empty.

Pahabol pa:

Ikot Jeep incident #2: Nag-iisa na lang yung girl sa jeep nung pauwi na siya sa dorm ng 9pm. Nagulat siya ng biglang nag-iba yung direction ng jeep,di na nito sinusunod yung route nito. Nakiusap siya: "Manong, bababa po ako sa ***** dorm," pero di siya pinansin ng driver. Nang bumalik ito sa ikot route, nakiusap ulit yung girl. So pinababa nga siya sa may dorm, pero bago siya bumaba sinabihan siya ng driver: "Ineng, pag-uwi mo hubarin mo agad iyang mga damit mo at kung pwede sunugin mo agad. Iniba ko yung ruta para makaiwas sa disgrasya. Kanina kasi pagtingin ko sa salamin, wala kang ulo."

Dorm incident #1: The Copycat
Ito nangyari sa room namin. Kasama ko bumaba sa lobby si Len at si Gie. Ang naiwan na lang sa room ay si Yzelle at si Ruby na parehong paalis din. Bago sila umalis, nakita nila si Gie na nakaupo sa may table niya at nakatalikod sa kanila. "Gie, alis muna kami." Eto ang nakakakilabot, nagtanong pa kung sino man yung nakatalikod na yun sa kanila (at nakatalikod pa rin siya) kung saan sila pupunta. Laking gulat na lang nila nang makita nila kami ni Gie at Len sa baba. At oo nga pala, may batang nagpakita sa mga dating nag-occupy ng room namin. Bigla siyang nagvanish into thin air...

Dorm incident #2:
Nangyari to dun sa katapat na room namin. Nagising ng madaling araw yung girl, na may feeling na may nagmamasid sa kanya. Pagdilat niya, una niyang nakita ay mukha ng babae na nakadungaw sa kanya (whatever, basta magkaharap mukha nila), except that walang mukha yung babae. All white. Sa shock, walang nagawa yung dormer. Pinanood na lang nya yung babae habang lumalabas ito ng room nila...hindi sa pinto, kundi sa bintana. Di na siya nakatulog pagkatapos noon kahit nagtalukbong siya ng kumot.

Dorm incident #3:
Matutulog na yung girl(from same corridor sa 2nd floor) nang maalala iya na di pa pala siya naghihilamos. The time was around 3am, pero di naman siya naniniwala sa multo dati so ok *** sa kanyang magsolo sa cr. Naghilamos nga siya mag-isa. Nang tumingin siya sa salamin habang sinasabon ang mukha, nakita niya...nakangiti ang reflection niya sa kanya. Takbo siya sa room nila nang me sabon pa ang mukha.Mineral water na lang ang pinambanlaw niya.Siyempre di ko malilimutang sabihin na during the witching hour (3-4am), may naririnig kaming nagdadrag ng furniture...rinig sa 2nd floor till basement...



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