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The Art of the Demon Chapter 5

"LIVED and Click are the most popular camera clubs here in St. Patrice." Marissa said as she and Kate are in the women's comfort room. Kate asked if Marissa knows what is the best camera/photography club to join.

"What's better?" Kate asked.

"LIVED is the best. But I heard, it's the hardest club in the whole university to enter."

"Really? Why?"

"LIVED stands for Lovely Incredible Versatile Engaging Dashing photography club. You don't expect it's easy to enter the club do you? And the members of the club are very few and very good. I heard every year, the school looks forward to LIVED's photo exhibit"

"I still don't get why it's hard to enter the club."

"Look, Kate, LIVED isn't only the best school-based photography organization in our university, it's the best in the whole Metro."


"Yeah. LIVED is also an organization in other universities."

"Wow. I'd really loved to join LIVED!" Kate said cheerfully.

"I doubt it." Marissa said, Kate frowned at her and she laughed.


It's Monday. Matthew didn't go to school, he's not feeling well. He woke up at 12nn. He wondered how are his friends doing in school or if they are even concern that he didn't go to school. He sit up at his bed and got off it. His dorm mates aren't around. He took a bath and ate his breakfast. But he really doesn't feel good so he cancelled his attempt to go to school this afternoon. He's bored. So he decided to go to the reception and watch TV.

"Looks like I'm too lucky today." Matthew said. The reception is quite deserted except for the reception girl and security guard..that means that he can solo the TV. He turned the TV on. "Oh, news? Who watches news in this building? Haha." He thought.

But.. the news headline caught his attention so before he could even switch the channel.

"Cheerleader Found Dead on Pasig River"

"What the fuck?" he thought as he listened.

The female news anchor said "18 year old Alyna Matias, cheerleader of St. Patrice University was found dead a week after she gone missing. Her body was found by a 'balot' vendor floating in the river and the ballot seller immediately called the police. The body of Alyna were retrieved, tears flooded from family and friends as they have confirmed it was her in the hospital morgue. This just in, needle-stabbed wounds are all over Alyna's body. Two were found in her neck, two in her tummy, two in her legs and all over her body. If the wounds were bigger, people would thought it was a vampire's bite. The position of the needle-stabbed wounds are also similar to vampire's bites. But it isn't as the S.O.C.O people said. It was made by needles. And her body, oh my God, this is so creepy, her body was found drained in blood. (anchor, saying remarks on a report is unusual, but Matthew thought the report is very evil that who ever knows about this would say the same things the news anchor remarked). As pale as a snow because it is almost bloodless. This is one of the most mysterious and tragic death in the city this year. The police is yet to find out what was exactly done to her and what was the cause of her death. Before the news came out, S.O.C.O men thought this maybe a result of a failed acupuncture but this theory were turned down immediately because acupuncture doesn't kill and doesn't drain blood too."

Matthew turned the TV off. He was shocked and dumbfounded about the news. "Alyna's dead? Her body bloodless? What the hell is happening here.." he thought.


The next day, the mysterious death of Alyna Matias is a very hot topic all over the school (the disappearance of Mang Reynold didn't make news yet).

"I can't believe she's dead." Matthew said to Kate as they walk the school corridor to their next class.

"Neither do I. Her death is tragic and very drastic and cruel." Kate said.

"How can anyone on earth do such a thing." Matthew said darkly.

An hour later, Matthew, Kate, Jake, and Marissa have met and eaten at the school canteen together again and chatted about Alyna's death.

"The police haven't found any lead to the suspects yet." Marissa said.

"And did you know that before Alyna gone missing, three students from different universities gone missing too?" Jake said.

"And are they found dead and bloodless too?" Matthew asked.

"Partly yes and partly no."

"What do you mean?" Marissa asked.

"Only one were found on a remote highway. He is bloodless too and have the similar needle-stabbed, vampire bite-like wounds. The other two are still missing."

"Are these kinds of disappearances and deaths usual here in Manila?" Matthew snapped.

"Of course not. Never will these things be usual in any place." said Marissa.

"So creepy and cruel." Matthew added.

"Do you guys think this has something to do with what happened to me the afternoon I heard thumpings on the comfort room?" Kate snapped. Marissa and Jake laughed, Matthew looked at her mysteriously.

"Didn't you get off about that experience of yours yet?" Marissa asked, still chuckling.

"No. It's real."

"I'm sorry Kate, but I don't think so. If it was connected to what happened to Alyna, you must gone missing now and or found dead and bloodless."

After 2 seconds, there's a chubby girl who ran around ferociously from the women's c.r to the canteen grounds, crying and screaming.

"What happened?" Matthew asked his friends, they merely looked at him, shrugging.

"Hey, what happened?" a professor asked as she tries to comfort the chubby girl who ran and screamed and is crying at the canteen.

"T-the cubicles at the comfort room.. the cubicles.." the girl said vaguely


"Thumping, moving, shaking.. And and t-then.. Then P-p-praise S-S-Satan words randomly appeared in the mirror...w-written in blood."

The whole canteen was thunder-stricken, all of the students were looking at the professor and the student. All of them were shocked to what they have heard. Matthew, Marissa, and Jake looked at Kate like they have just confirmed Kate's story.

"Now what?" Kate broke the silence among them.

"Okay.." Marissa said slowly.

"Now you're believing me. Good thing. Because I only said what happened." Kate said.

"Right." Jake said.

"But this can't be connected to Alyna's death, can it?" Marissa said skeptically.

"It can be." Matthew said.

"Everything is possible. We just can't say now. We need to do something." Kate added.

"Do what?" Jake asked.

"We need to investigate these events ourselves." Matthew said.

"WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? By doing that, we'll put our lives on the line!" Marissa said.

"Well, I just feel that we need to find out and solve this mystery ourselves. Who's in?" Matthew said.

"I am." Kate said.

"Me too." Jake added cheerfully.

"Okay..I-I am going w-with you guys." Marissa said looking hesitant.

"Alright!" Matthew said happily.

"But how are we going to start?" Marissa said skeptically.

"I dunno." Matthew said.

After having lunch, Kate separated from the group. She really wants to join LIVED photography club. "After their amazing works, I feel like I belong to LIVED!" Kate thought. After walking along a deserted corridor, Kate finally found the office of LIVED. The office of LIVED is located in the very last room in the long corridor. It's in the very corner and the corridor is dimly lighted.

"Hello?" Kate knocked.

"Come in." a very deep man's voice said. Kate came in. "What can I do for you, miss?"

"Ahmmm.. I'm Kate. I just wanted to inquire how can I join the club?" Kate asked.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Kate. LIVED is currently close to new members. We're already full." the man sitting in the reception desk in red jacket with 'LIVED' printed in front of the jacket said.

"I heard LIVED members are already eight. Already full?"

"Oh. Yeah. We're only eight but we're full right now. We're sorry. But you can join Click instead."

"Okay. Thanks." Kate said sadly. She is already opening the door to go out when the man said

"But you can come to LIVED's grand photo exhibit."

Kate turned enthusiastically. "Really? When?"'

"Here's the ticket. You'll see the schedule of the grand photo exhibit there."

"Thank you!" Kate said, quite more cheerful. "Can I invite my friends in?"

"Of course." then the man gave another three tickets.

"H-how did you know I am to bring three friends?"

"Ahh.. No. We give 4 invitations maximum to a person. He or she can invite three maximum."

"Right. Thanks and bye!" then Kate left.


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