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The Mary Death

Pandemic's Creepers (#3 of 5)
by Pandemic

The family of August Hernandez lives in an exclusive village in Makati. He and Dorothy, his wife, with their child, Deo, have been living there for five years now. They live with Deo’s nanny, Cynthia. Everything was quiet and peaceful, until one day…

August, being a bookworm since his youth, wants his son, Deo, to love reading books too. Aside from the premium entertainment that book reading gives, August also wants Deo to widen his vocabulary as he grows up by reading books and learn how essential book reading is.

After buying some of the things that his wife asked him to buy in the supermarket, August dropped by to the nearest bookstore. This one is his favorite bookstore. The bookstore sells second hand books of popular and not-so-popular authors. Although August also loves reading mainstream books, he also likes reading beautiful second hand and low profiled books. Those books are the undiscovered ones, as August describes those. There are a lot of amazing books in the world that didn’t shine only because it wasn’t discovered or talked about or promoted or sold worldwide or it is merely old.

While scanning some of Dean Koontz and Stephen King books (his favorite authors), August’s fingers touched a book with an interesting title. It was titled The Dreams of the Prince.

“Perfect.” August muttered. The book titled “The Dreams of the Prince” is a fictional book for children. Perfect for his five year old son, Deo. It was about a young prince who was tired of being labeled as ‘lame’, ‘loser,’ and ‘weak’. And because of that, the prince left the castle and had a journey that changed his life forever and came home triumphantly.

August took the book and paid it at the counter and left the mall to go home. He’s excited to give the book to his son.

He arrived home at around 8PM. He knocked, and Cynthia, the nanny, opened the door for him.

“Good evening sir.” The nanny greeted.

“Good evening. Where’s Deo?” August asked.

“He’s in his room sir, playing with his toys.”

“Great. How ‘bout Dorothy, is she home?”

“Ma’am Dorothy said she’ll visit her friend on the other street. She said she’ll go home later tonight.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Then August gave the items he bought to the nanny and told her to put it on its rightful place.

August sped up to the next floor of the house; he’s excited to give the new book he bought for Deo. When he reached the door to Deo’s room, he knocked and called “Deo, son..”

“Yes Daddy? Come in.” Deo replied. Then August came in.

“I have something for you.” August said enthusiastically.

“Really, what is it?” Deo asked. Deo is playing with his toys in his bed, and then due to excitement, he stood up and jumped at the bed.

“A book!”

“Book?” Deo said, the smile on his face faded.

“Yes, a book. Don’t you want to read books? This book is about the greatness of a young prince, just like you!” August said.

“But dad, I don’t know how to read.”

“Surely, your mom’s going to read this for you and teach you how to read yourself.”


August left the book in his son’s bed and left the room. He had no idea that it will be the cause of something horrible that will happen to his family.

The next morning, August, Dorothy, and Deo are having breakfast with Deo’s nanny, Cynthia.

Cynthia is feeding Deo when Deo said “Dad, the book was nice. I loved it.”

August was surprised that his son already knew the story of the book he had just bought the night before.

“Dorothy, did you read it to him already? Wow, I’m surprised. Great.” August said with a smile.

“What are you talking about? I don’t even know that you bought him a book.” Dorothy said.

“Not you? Ah, so you read it to him, nanny?” August turned to Cynthia.

“No sir. I didn’t read him the book.”

Dorothy and August stared blankly to each other.

“I don’t think Deo already knows how to read.” Dorothy murmured.

“Me either. But..but who read the story to him?” August was puzzled.

“I have a new friend. Her name is Meredith. She has read the book for me.” Said Deo, then smiled.

“Ha? And when did you meet this Meredith girl? I never heard of any child here in our village named Meredith.” Dorothy said.

“Really? How about you, Cynthia, did you let any girl last night in our house?” August asked Cynthia.

“No, sir. No one is here last night except us four.”

Both August and Dorothy were puzzled. Who is Meredith? Then August turned to Deo again and asked him, “Or you are just pretending to know the story of the book because you don’t want your mother to read it to you?” August said then tickled son Deo mildly in his armpit.

“No, daddy. Meredith really read the book for me! I’ll tell you the story of the book if you want.” Deo said.

“Oh really? Tell me the story then.” August said. He is expecting that Deo won’t be able to tell the story, yet he’s not prepared if Deo will be able to do so because it would be curious who really told him the story.

“It was about a young prince. The people of his kingdom do not trust him. His father, the king, is sick and people are doubtful if the prince will be able to lead the kingdom if his father dies. That’s because he was weak, lame, helpless, and some people threatened that they will take over the kingdom if the king will choose his son as the heir of the throne. The people want the son of the king’s brother to take over, but this other prince has planned something dark.” Deo said clearly and with a bragging voice.

August was surprised. He hasn’t read the whole book yet, he has only read a few pages and what Deo said was really a part of the book. “A-and then..?”

“And the prince left the castle to try and prove to the people of his father’s kingdom that he’s got some potential to be a king.”

“Okay, that’s enough.” August said then he looked at his wife, his wife returned the blank look he gave.

Later that afternoon, Cynthia left the house to pick Deo from his school. Deo is still in kindergarten. After a few minutes, they’ve arrived home. Cynthia was surprised because Deo has never been so excited to go if he’s got a new toy. But he hasn’t got a new toy, and that made Cynthia to be curious.

Deo ran to his room as immediate as he could. On the other hand, Cynthia hasn’t followed him yet because she still needs to unpack Deo’s things and wash his lunch box. August and Dorothy hadn’t arrived yet, they are still at their works.

Few minutes later, she went upstairs to bring Deo some food, and to change his clothes also if he hasn’t changed yet.

The door of Deo’s room is a little bit open. Cynthia, bringing a tray of sandwich and a glass of milk, was shocked to what she saw.

Deo’s back was turned to her. Deo is sitting on the floor, coloring a picture. He was chuckling. But he wasn’t alone… In front of him is a girl his age. The girl was wearing a red young girl’s dress. She was also sitting on the floor, chuckling, her hands on her mouth.

Cynthia was crept out. But to her curiosity, she stayed there; open mouthed, looking at Deo and the girl.

And then a few seconds later, the girl put her hands on her sides, and turned to look at Cynthia from the slightly opened door. Cynthia was frozen in fear. Her heart beat fast, her skin hairs raised, and she felt cold sweat flow through her forehead. A wind blew and the hair in the little girl’s forehead swung with the air, Cynthia was very shocked to see the mark of the devil in the girl’s forehead.

The little girl was against the light and Cynthia can barely see her face. But the scar marked on the girl’s head which signifies the number of the devil glows a little red, making it very visible to Cynthia’s eyes.

And the little girl gave a big, evil grin at Cynthia. Her teeth is so white.. very white and pointed. And then, her eyes turned bright red. To Cynthia’s horror, she lost hold of the tray and it fell to the floor. She ran down the stairs and went out of the house screaming.

“Nanny?” Deo called.

“Don’t mind her. It’s her first time to see a coloring book. She thought it was odd.” The little girl said and she laughed so hard. But Deo gave a blank look and continued to color the picture in the coloring book. He was looking at it when the little girl had her eyes red.

Cynthia, in the mean time, was on the village, calling for people. But the whole village seemed deserted. In a way, she felt a terrible sadness, as if the village was the village of broken dreams and memories.

It was already dimming. The place is very quiet, no sign that other people are doing anything. She’s begging for anyone to help her rescue Deo from whatever evil is it with him. For a moment, she seemed isolated from the world. Then she remembered that her phone was on her pocket, she opened it. And to her dismay, there was no signal as well. What’ll she do?

Poof. She noticed the date on her phone. It was Friday, May 13, 2011. It was a Friday the thirteenth on the sixth month of the year. Six, being the number that makes the demon’s number. It explained it all. Something terrible will happen, no, something terrible is happening!

August and Dorothy arrived home. When they have entered the village, they felt something odd. After they passed the security guard, the whole village seemed quiet, dark, and deserted. There are fogs on the ground. It was really odd. Never did clouds reach the land in that village.

“Nanny? Nanny?” August called as he opened the door to the living room.

“I think she’s not here.” Dorothy said.

“But she and Deo are supposed to be here already. Deo? Deo? Deo?” August called. But he’s got no answer still.

“Oh, my God! August, look!” Dorothy cried.

There was a thick, white smoke coming from the second floor.

“WHAT THE!” August exclaimed, and then both of them ran to the second floor. But they’ve slowed down halfway in the stairs. The smoke is so thick and they are at risk of falling down.

“DEO! DEO! DEO!” Dorothy and August called. But they’ve got no answer.

They are slowly walking toward the room of Deo. The smoke keeps getting thicker.

A few seconds later, they’ve finally reached their son’s room.

“Deo? Deo?” August called. Dorothy is trying to see any sign of her son, but the smoke is just too thick.

Then after a few seconds, the smoke thinned. And they were flabbergasted by the instant slamming of the door. It closed itself!

But something really scared the hell out of them.

Deo was not conscious, he was lying..not in the bed, but in the midair!


“Call no one, because no one can hear you.” A sweet voice said, then a little girl came out of the thin smoke beside Deo’s bed.

“Who..Who are you?” August asked, his voice trembling.

“I am the one who gave you the favor of reading the book to your son. Hahaha.” The little girl said and she laughed so sweet you wouldn’t think there’s something dark in her.

“You’re Meredith?” Dorothy asked, her voice too is trembling.

“Oh yes. But it’s not Meredith, it is..” Meredith said, and then chuckled, before continuing, “..MARY DEATH!”

“Deo! I need to get Deo!” August tried to run to his floating son. But then the Mary Death raised her hand, and a very strong force blocked August’s way. It was if a strong wind is trying to stop him.

“Who are you? What are you trying to do?” Dorothy cried.

“Well, I just need your son and I’m done. Hahaha.” Mary Death said and laughed again at her extra sweet voice.

“YOU’RE A DEMON!” August screamed at her.

“Oh, thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Dorothy too, tried to run to her son, but the strong force in the air blocked her.

“LET’S PRAY!” August told Dorothy, and then they both prayed “Our Father”, “Hail Mary” and other common prayers.

“HAHAHAHA!” Mary Death laughed again.

“Where did you come from?” Dorothy asked Mary Death when she noticed that the prayers are taking no effect. The red glow of Mary Death’s scar in her forehead even goes brighter after they prayed. It’s when August and Dorothy first noticed it. It was (the scar) as if it’s burning red now.

“I came from the book. The book that your husband bought for your child. What a pleasant gift that you give me, Daddy. Your son’s soul will be mine soon. Thank you very much, dad!”

“Don’t call me daddy, you’re not my daughter!”

“H-how did you get into the book?”

“Next time, you should have to know first where the old books you buy came from, daddy. I’m a demon, a demon that resides in a book. I came from a diary, a diary written by a witch. And that witch was also the one who made me, who strengthen me. You know witches, right? They are demon supporters, they use evil and black magic. It’s a long story how I’ve got into the book you bought. Now I’m here, about to take another soul. Hahaha.” Mary Death explained. “And my name, Mary Death, explains what my role in the world is and how I doom you, your son, and humanity!

August half listened, he saw the book. It was resting on the floor, only a meter or two away from him. Mary Death saw him looking at it.

It was one breath taking moment. August and Mary Death raced to the book. Mary Death’s attention was partially moved to trying to get the book first, forgetting that August can’t get it because of the blocking power she casted. Now the blocking in the air was weakened, giving August the chance to get to the book first. Before Mary Death could even get near him and the book, he threatened her that he’ll tear thick pages from it.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Mary Death screamed, and she floated to the air, threatened that August will really tear thick pages from her book. Her once sweet voice and bubbly face now turned to its real appearance. Her white teeth became pointed, her mouth became bigger, and her eyes turned red.

The book had a stronger force in it. If nothing good will happen, August knows that it’s only a matter of seconds until the book slip away from his tight hold.

“August, tear its pages!” Dorothy screamed, she’s still struggling through the demonic force that blocks her way to her son and husband.

And so did August. He tore pages to pages of the book.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mary Death screamed. Now, her appearance changed again. Big black, goatish horns grew out of her head. And then her pointed teeth grew even bigger, her eyes is now blazing red, and her nails grew overwhelmingly long and pointed. “YOU WILL DIE!!! HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY BOOK! HOW DARE YOU RUIN ME!!!!”

Then Mary Death glides through the air towards August. She knows that her book will get worse when she just wait there and be afraid of August’s threats. The force that blocks Dorothy was gone because Mary Death busied herself on another thing. Then Dorothy picked up the big, silver cross on the wall and tossed it to August. August already knows what to do. He’s got the big silver cross and stabbed it directly to the now badly damaged book.

The bottom of the big silver crucifix is pointed. And it completely ruined the book.

Mary Death, meanwhile, screamed to death on the air as every inch of her burns to ashes. August and Dorothy saw her appearance getting worse as she turns into ashes. After vanishing, there was no trace left on Mary Death’s existence, except the ruined book. And everything turned fine.

Cynthia felt the village went back to normal. She started hearing people again, and the quietness and sadness were gone.

Meanwhile, after Mary Death’s vanishing, Deo fell to the bed and awakened. There, he told a very terrible story.

“I was walking down a slippery, old, and mossy stairs. And I felt something or someone following me. I walked faster so that I can avoid whatever it is that follows me. Then I met Mary Death later as I walk the stairs, she’s asking me to go with her so that we can avoid whatever it is that’s following me. But I refused. I saw red light coming from the bottom of the stairs, and just looking at it makes the temperature hot for me. She then forced me downstairs. She held my hand and almost dragged me down.”

“And then?” August asked.

“I don’t know. She vanished. Then before completely vanishing, she said she’ll never leave. And then I fell to this bed, and I was awake.”

August and Dorothy were scared that the demon might not have left at all.

A few minutes later, Cynthia came home.

“Sir! Ma’am!” Cynthia came running to the room.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Dorothy asked her. Then she explained what she saw and what she tried to do. Eventually, both August and Dorothy understood her and accepted her explanation as a legitimate reason to leave Deo with the demon.

After that day, the whole family with Cynthia left to New York to have a short vacation. Back in their house in Makati..Mary Death is strengthening herself again. Just kidding.

In one whole week, the neighbor of August has been managing the blessing of his house while they were away from the Philippines. August wants to make sure that the house was blessed before they live there again. The book where Mary Death had lived? It was turned over to the church and for the people in the church to decide what to do with it.

But demons don’t die easily… They aren’t humans. Watch out.

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